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Madelyn Amacher is the portrait of vulnerability: sensitive, genuine, honest, unapologetic. We chat with the singer songwriter about an upcoming tour, creativity, and of course, a little bit of feeling talk, too. 

alexa ace and the goldhand girls

From creating a female empowering podcast to being a published photographer, Alexa Ace is always on the move. We chat with her about breaking barriers in the music industry and more.


Channeling honesty and vulnerability, Ken Pomeroy is undoubtedly special. The singer songwriter chats with us about being a musician from a young age, the creative process, and what she hopes her music brings to her listeners.


Jarod Evans wears many creative hats, and he wears them well. From directing music videos for powerhouse bands to producing records, we catch up with Jarod about all things creative.


Hannah Helbig is a phenomenal harpist, and a musical force to be reckoned with. We catch up with her about creativity, and upcoming projects to be on the lookout for.

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