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Q&a with doula, jordan shenberger

What is a doula and what exactly do they do? We had some questions for Jordan Shenberger, a local doula guiding women throughout the stages of pregnancy.

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skincare and beauty tips with sarah james of whoorl

It can be difficult to discern what's right for your skin through the noise of beauty marketing. Skincare and beauty blogger, Sarah James chats with us summer skincare routines, and how to choose the right products for you. 


an artist's journey with behnaz sohrabian

Iranian-American, Behnaz Sohrabian tells us about her journey to becoming an artist, immigrating to America, and the meaning of creativity.


tapping into the divine feminine

Tapping into your divine feminine isn't as complicated as it sounds. From breath work to self-care, here are some quick and easy ways to meet your inner goddess.