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Love, Music, and Vulnerability With Madelyn Amacher of heartspace


Madelyn Amacher is the portrait of vulnerability: sensitive, genuine, honest, unapologetic. Whether it’s a breakup anthem or a love song, her songwriting pulls from the ebbs and flows of the beauty and mess of falling in love, falling out of love, only to do it all over again. To put it simply/the singer songwriter/ photographer/ all around creative is not afraid to feel. The parts most people often push to the “do not feel” portion of their brains is impossible to ignore when you really listen to what she has to say. And she’s not afraid to say it. 

heartspace has caught attention not just with its vulnerable songwriting and catchy sound, but also with its let’s-feel-something branding. The perfect mixture of feeling and fire with its in-your-face reds and pinks, and Instagram posts that feel like you’re in the room with a best friend pouring her heart out to you. It’s that no nonsense sensitivity that translates not only through the songwriting, but through her branding as well. Turns out sensitivity is badass, afterall. 

Now, with the upcoming release of a new heartspace single and an east coast April tour, I chat with Madelyn about songwriting, vulnerability, and a little bit of feeling and love talk, too, of course.


When did you start making/writing music? 

I’ve been singing since I was about five. I took voice lessons on and off throughout the years but I typically quit any time they wanted me to do a recital because I had such bad stage fright. I started writing poetry and short songs around fifth grade or so, and continued throughout college. I have countless spiral notebooks (that were supposed to be for class notes) filled with poems. Eventually the poems became long enough to be full length songs and I dove into songwriting. 

What’s making you feel good these days? 

Spending time with my friends and falling more and more in love with film photography has brought me a lot of happiness lately. 

Writing music, performing, or recording? 

They all have parts that I love. But songwriting has always been my form of therapy. It’s how I process the many emotions swimming around in my head. Recording brings those songs to life, which is always amazing to see. And performing is electrifying, even if I do still have stage fright.

Is there a habit you’re trying to give up? 

I am trying to be better about not repeating old unhealthy cycles. I ended a four year cycle with someone back in the summer and am really proud of myself for choosing me and my mental health! 

When do you feel the most beautiful? 

I don’t wear makeup every day, so I honestly feel beautiful with and without it. However, I always feel like a total badass when I have my pink makeup and glitter on. 

When do you feel the most loved? 

Well my love languages are Quality Time and Physical Touch. So any time someone spends time with me, or shows their affection with an embrace, I’m a happy camper. I could honestly spend hours just sitting in a room with someone I love and feel very content just sharing space with them. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 6.25.09 PM.png

What are you most proud of right now? 

I’m proud of the brand I'm creating for heartspace and the new merch I just released! Shout out to Chandler Brown (@chanandabalar) and Bek Barkocy (@prawduct) for the amazing design. 

Is there a song that always brings you to tears? 

Funny enough, I have a hard time crying sober. I’m a sad drunk and it’s a real inconvenience. But a song that always makes me emo is ILYSB (STRIPPED) by LANY. It holds a lot of memories and is by a band I used to really love. 

When do you feel most like yourself? 

Probably when I'm photographing a concert. It’s my happy place and I love capturing all the little moments tucked into a live show. Everything is so candid and that’s what I love most about it. Hopefully with time I’ll feel the same way about performing. I am definitely way more comfortable on stage than I was at first, so we are getting there! 

What are you feeling right now? 

Right now, heartspace is heavy on my heart and mind. Trying to be someone in music isn’t easy. It’s a constant fight to make yourself matter. To make content that stands out and resonates with others. I will always write what’s true for me, but it would be a bonus if the song was successful enough to propel me farther into my career. At this point I don’t know how to produce and the only instrument I can play is piano. Because of this I rely heavily on others. And it’s been a constant challenge to be patient for things to develop.

Tell me about the importance of vulnerability in songwriting. 

I think people can tell when a song comes from deep within. I want to write words that people can feel. So many humans keep their emotions bottled and stowed away. And I want my music to be a safe place for people to feel it all. I think in being vulnerable, you encourage others to step into vulnerability. My hope is that, just as my music is a way for me to process my emotions, it can provide the same peace and comfort to others going through the tough parts in life. 

What’s next for heartspace? 

I plan on releasing my next single, “our last night” very soon. I will also be shooting a music video for this song! It’ll be my first music video and I’m pumped. But the most exciting news is that I’m going on tour to the east coast with Lisa Heller. I’ll be supporting her at her Ponyboy show on April 16th and then I’ll head out on the road with her from there!

Follow @itsheartspace for all things music and feels.

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