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What is flare?

FLARE OKC dives into the topics that women and those alike care about from a place of intentionality and openness, with an emphasis on the idea that an interest in fashion can exist right here in Oklahoma.


We're not privy to definitions or anything that can fit into a labeled box. When we first started this publication, we had one thing in mind---spark creativity and thought. Based in OKC, we realized there was a major need for fashion-driven content for those who prefer to live outside of the box. 

The truth is, this publication is what you want it to be, and can hold so many different meanings for those who touch it. Perhaps it's a place for you to come and get lost in. Or maybe it's a space to revel in beauty and curiosity-- both have a home here. Whatever it may be, it's yours. We're just along for the ride.

Stick around and feel for yourself. 


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