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Welcome to jaan's house: A Creative Oasis for Touring Musicians


Imagine a world where eccentricity and beauty meet. One where design is limitless and creatives and those alike revel in all its strange glory. Welcome to Jaan’s world- a home for touring musicians nestled in the rolling green hills of West Nashville. 


The heart of Jaan’s hospitality is simple-offer a comfortable, affordable living space for touring musicians. A musician himself, Jaan understands the challenge of finding an affordable, clean place to crash when passing through a city for a show or rehearsal. And so he did as creatives do- he decided it was time to switch the narrative from couch surfing musicians to well-hosted creatives. 

The warmly eccentric home boasts a “band barracks” with bunk beds for bandmates to crash, a basement studio, and a generously sized backyard stage, just to name a few. Like an unvisited corner of a wandering mind, each room serves as its own story, or universe rather, as its maximalist decor feels as though you’re stepping into another dimension. Cloud painted walls, psychedelic ceiling art, a record lounge, and a 1970's mirrored bedroom are all a common sight to see in Jaan’s home.


Stick around and see for yourself. We have a feeling you'll want to stay a while. 

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