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Q&A with
Jaynie Baker
of Oui Bambi

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Have you ever looked through a website or social media account that felt so perfectly curated, it almost seemed as if it was created for you? One that feels like it’s picked every nook and crevice of your browsing brain. Yeah, that’s how we felt when we first laid eyes on online vintage home goods shop, Oui Bambi.


In 2018, Oui Bambi founder/owner, Jaynie Baker created an Instagram account to showcase some of her favorite images and sources of inspiration. From Parisian countrysides to dreamy 80’s décor, it was evident that Baker had a keen eye and a sense of style that was more than just a hobby—it was the start of what would soon become a beautifully curated brand. Three years later Baker is now sourcing, selling, and repurposing hand-picked objects from all across the nation for her new-found baby, Oui Bambi.


Here, we chat with Baker about how to spot a vintage gem when you see one, tips for decorating a home with Oui Bambi pieces, and her hopes for the future.


What's the story behind the name? 

Honestly, it’s a very bizarre story. A little over three ago I wanted to give myself a creative outlet where I could put all the pictures that inspire me into one place. I knew I wanted to create an Instagram for this but didn’t know what I wanted to name it. I was scrolling through and came across this girl named Bambi. I remember thinking it was a cool name. Then later that night I was watching tv and Yoplait had just come out with their "Oui” yogurt. This sounds crazy, but that night I had a dream where I just kept saying, “Oui Bambi.” When I woke up the next morning, I created the Instagram and bought the domain. 


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What inspired you to create Oui Bambi, and when did the process begin?

Oui Bambi’s Instagram started three years ago as an inspiration account. During quarantine last April was when I fully decided what I wanted Oui Bambi to be. I had grown such a passion for waking up early and going to estate sales and flea markets that it was only natural to turn my passion into a business. I had always dreamed of starting my own business.  


You have a very keen eye for spotting beautiful vintage items. Do you have any tips or secrets to finding the right pieces? 

Thank you! I’m always looking for items that bring me joy. When I walk into a house or a flea market my eyes immediately start scanning. I’m looking for color, material, shape, size. Always take your time. Vintage hunting requires a lot of patience and early mornings. 


How would you describe the aesthetic of Oui Bambi? 

Oui Bambi’s aesthetic is very natural and easy. I never want anything to be forced into a room. Everything you’ll find at Oui Bambi will bring your space a bit of character that will naturally fall into its place. I’d say sometimes I’m feeling English countryside, sometimes its 80’s and even 90’s (if that’s considered vintage yet!). I really try to listen to my intuition. 

Tell me about your sourcing process. 

Sourcing days call for very early, and sometimes very cold, mornings waiting in line. Sometimes it’s quite the wait too. I’ve really grown a passion for the rush of these early mornings, though. Somedays I find one thing or maybe a bunch of items. But there will also be weekends when I find nothing. When I come across an item that I’m initially drawn to, I look it over and majority of the time I get it. I’ve found that second guessing myself and not getting the item always leads to regret. Now that this is a business I try to keep the same light hearted energy when going into a day of sourcing. Sometimes I have things in mind, but I’m open to it all. You definitely can’t go in with a one track mind. 


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If you had to decorate a home with five Oui Bambi items, what would those be? 

Baskets, candle holders, vintage coffee table books, an amazing coffee table and lots of lamps. Lighting is an essential item in any room. By having lamps and candles burning, you are setting up a space of comfort and ease. Or as the Danish say “hygge”. 


Who is the Oui Bambi customer? What do they do for fun and what does vintage mean to them? 

Oui Bambi’s customer is somebody who appreciates one-of-a-kind items and finds joy in simple details. Maybe they like to garden, drink wine out of vintage glassware or flip through old interior design books to find inspiration. Vintage to them is a way of connecting with the past.


If you could source items for anyone in the world (dead or alive), who would it be? 

Oh, I couldn’t possibly pick just one. I’d love to source items for Lauren Hutton, Diane Keaton, Jane Birkin, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Princess Diana and Kate Moss. Basically, any of my style icons. 


Any must-have home items for the summer? 

A large glass or a ceramic fruit juicer. I had been looking for one big enough for grapefruit and I finally found it the other day! Also, a large basket for fresh fruit and a ceramic vase for flowers or greenery from your backyard. 

What are your hopes for Oui Bambi's future? 

I hope to bring more vintage and handmade items into everyone’s home. I hope Oui Bambi inspires dinner parties with vintage plates and glassware, wine nights where you sit around flipping through vintage books, book clubs where you talk about what inspires you. I hope it brings more conversations and inspiration into people’s lives. 

Will Oui Bambi be sold solely online or in store? 

Right now I am doing monthly collection drops on the web shop. Eventually I’d love to do them more often. I do hope to do some in-store pop-ups in the near future. Maybe one day have a brick and mortar so I can have larger furniture items. 


Tell me something most people may not know about shopping for vintage items. 

When you’re shopping and buying vintage items you are buying something that has a former life. I’m always thinking about where these items have been in the world and what a life they’ve lived already. It’s the stories that they bring to your home that will always start conversations and bring you a little happiness knowing you are now part of its history. 


Fill in the blank. When I'm not sourcing for Oui Bambi, I’m _____.

Outside gardening with my husband and dogs. Saturdays are for sourcing. Sundays are for outside and making grilled tofu tacos. 

What do you hope people feel when they shop Oui Bambi? 

I hope that people feel like they are bringing something special home--an item that has been to many homes and has now made its way into theirs. They are continuing the item’s story by connecting it with their own. 

To shop Oui Bambi, check out the site or view the Instagram page for more decor inspo. 

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