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what your enneagram type says about your style


The enneagram test, which is a personality test categorized into nine different types, can be telling of so many things. How we react to stress, happiness, love, and work, can all be attributed to what number we most identify with. Not only can these important life topics be credited to our enneagram personality type, but so can our fashion and style. To learn about the intersection between fashion and personality, we chat with locals about their enneagram types, each with their own style preferences and personality traits.

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Oh my sweet, sweet perfectionist. Infamously known for their strong moral convictions and a sense for right and wrong, those who identify as Ones are typically driven by improving everything around them. Well-organized and detail-oriented, Ones can slip into being critical of themselves and the high standards they so often live by. Although Ones may doubt their impeccable work ethic, they are usually the hardest working and most honorable people you know.


The Look

“For me, less is more. All I need is my favorite pair of Levi’s, a loose button up, and a simple dress shoe. I like to feel comfortable, yet still put together—anything that makes me feel ready to work and take on the day.”


I like to think of Twos as that best friend who always puts his/her friends first. Twos are often categorized for being sincere, empathetic, and warm-hearted. True to their enneagram title, they are friendly, giving, self-sacrificing and can also be people-pleasing. At their best, they are unselfish and have unconditional love for others.


The Look

“Because Twos can be people pleasers, I’m always trying to look nice so people like me! But the self-love side of me also wants something that’s comfortable. My ideal look is black jeans, a cool, loose button up, paired with a good sneaker and some simple accessories. If I can look dressed up and comfortable, it’s a winner."


THE achiever

Threes are often self-assured, ambitious, energetic, and sometimes status conscious—think Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry McGuire or Steve Jobs. Highly driven for advancement, Threes thrive off of competition and a significant love for work. They love being affirmed and admired for their work achievements--a good compliment or pat on the back never goes unnoticed for a Three.


The Look

“My go-to outfit is a pair of baggy overalls covered in pins on the side and an old, funky graphic tee because it’s a subtle statement that still grabs some attention.”


When you think about Fours, chances are you think about sensitive painters, artists, musicians, and writers. Known for their creativity and love for beauty, Fours are probably some of the most complex and emotionally in-tuned people you know—and they tend to prefer it that way. Fours thrive off of being different from the rest, and aren't privy to fitting norms. 


The Look

"To me, style is an art form and a creative personal outlet. I want to look like a nostalgic funky earth rainbow because I love the grooviness of the 60s and 70s. I love nature, people, and rainbows because they're a symbol of happiness to me. My staple pieces include, but are not limited to: high waisted jeans, jumpsuits, worn out vintage tees, kimonos, camisoles, and pearl snaps. My go-to footwear is Birkenstocks and boots for comfort—and to also give the illusion that I’m tall!"



Fives are known for being alert, insightful, and curious. Able to focus on deep and complex ideas, they are highly innovative and can become consumed with their thoughts and imagination. At their best, they are visionary pioneers, and crave to possess knowledge and understanding of their environment.


The Look

“Something that’s comfortable, but fine to leave the house at the drop of a hat.”


True to their title, Sixes are infamously known for their commitment and trustworthiness. They often foresee issues far before they even arise, and can tend to be anxious and suspicious. Sixes are the most loyal to their friends and to their beliefs—the type of person you’d be lucky to call a friend. 


The Look 

Ironically enough, Type Six was the only response we didn’t receive from this survey—maybe because they were skeptical of why I was even asking what they’d wear (just kidding, but really). If we had to guess a look for a Six, it would be something easy with little thought but an ample amount of comfort. A Six would most likely find themselves in their most trusted sweater, a comfy pant, and the same pair of sneakers they’ve worn for years, just in case they need to get out of that sticky situation they so anxiously anticipated.

Urban Fashion


Everyone needs a fun Seven in their life, as they're usually your most energetic buddy who stays busy dragging you to parties, or planning the next big adventure. Sevens are optimistic, extroverted, and spontaneous. Constantly seeking new experiences, Sevens approach life like one big exploration. 

The Look

“My ideal outfit is something that is comfortable but also fun—there needs to be at least one item that is unique and makes me smile. I hate being uncomfortable in my clothes, so that’s always a main factor for me. My go-to look is a pair of thrifted mom jeans, a funky, flowy crop top and my perfectly worn in olive green Birkenstock sandals.”


The leader of the pack who's not afraid to speak their mind. If there is one Enneagram number you want in your corner, its an Eight. Eights are self-confident, assertive, and head-strong. To put it more simply, Eights are most often the boss of the pack, and they're not afraid to show it. Eights are protective, decisive, and extremely charismatic. They don’t like to be controlled or told what to do, which is why they often find themselves leading the way both at work and with friends.


The Look

"My go-to outfit is a printed statement pant, a baby tee, white sneakers, a 90s shoulder bag, and my hair pulled back in a clip—a look that makes me feel like I can do it all."


THE peacemaker

We all need a Nine in our life, as they bring an effortless sense of calmness most people have to work for. Nines are accepting, loving, creative, and supportive. True to its enneagram title, Nines are often supportive partners and friends, and can also be too willing to keep the peace. At their best, Nines are able to bring people together and heal conflicts.  No type is more devoted to the quest for internal and external peace for themselves and others.


The Look

"My ideal outfit is a form-fitting tee tucked into black Madewell jeans, paired with gray Tom’s booties. If I leave the house with my shirt tucked in and it starts unexpectedly coming untucked later, it’ll throw off my entire day."

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