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Local act: lane timberlake


When Lane Timberlake went to an open call for the fun of it, she didn't know that modeling would soon turn into her career. Born in Lawton, Oklahoma and now living in Brooklyn, New York, Lane has taken her roots with her throughout her modeling career. From challenges in the industry, the need more for model diversity, and debunking model myths, Lane tells us about the ins and outs of being a model. 

1. Birthplace: Lawton, Ok

2. Current city: Brooklyn, Ny

3. Agencies: Heroes NYC

4. Age you started modeling professionally: 20


5. Challenges you’ve faced while being a model? 

There have definitely been a few. The industry relies heavily on self image. As someone who prides myself in a strong work ethic, it can be hard to accept you might just not be the look they’re casting. No amount of work ethic can change that. 

6. Most gratifying experiences while modeling? 

I love being in a field with so many other creatives of different spheres and getting to meet and talk to them about life. I am constantly inspired to see others work in what they love and represent themselves in a creative space.

7. What’s your favorite shoot you’ve done? Why? 

I have been blessed to work with my best friend many times. She is a photographer in the city. Every shoot I've done with her, no matter how painfully awkward and hilarious, has been my favorite.

8. If you could be the face for any brand or designer, who would it be? Any designer that makes comfy pajamas. I love pajamas. 

9. What are your thoughts on creating change and diversity within the industry? What changes would you like to see? 

Yes, please. Diversity is needed. There are so many models of different races and ethnicities that don’t get space and opportunity to be seen. I also feel diversity extends to age, body type, gender identity, and so much more. We are so blessed to live in a world made up of so many beautiful people. Those stories deserve to be told. 


10. If you could give an aspiring model a piece of advice, what would it be? 

Be yourself. Love yourself. Be kind.

11. If you could spend one day with any model, who would it be and why? 

Does Harry Styles count? He definitely did a Gucci campaign. I think it counts. I honestly want to spend a day browsing his closet and see what he would let me take home. 


12. Any myths you’d like to debunk about modeling?  

I think there is this idea that models are these self-absorbed, vapid people who only care about looks, but I would say that is far from the truth. During my time in the industry I have met some of the most beautiful, talented, creative, and intelligent individuals. They are artists, and students, and theologians and activists. Their identity exists beyond the word model, and model in itself holds so much value beyond the facade. 

13. Fill in the blank. If I’m not modeling, I’m probably ________.

Working or watching The Dick Van Dyke show with my cat.

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