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Photography by Jo Babb

tapping into the divine feminine

BY bailee bruce


“If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within. If the inner world is to be transformed, it must be understood in light of the outer forces that shaped it.” - Anodea Judith

Over the last five years I have been on a journey to seek out what my life would actually look like or feel like if I experienced less anxiety, less stress, less imbalances & illness, less “doing” in order to fill my days as if productivity solely determined my worth. Most of us weren’t taught that rest is essential. In fact, it was thought of and programmed into our young minds as a sign of weakness. I have had to work really hard to shift my own beliefs and habitual patterns for the sake of my health and wellbeing. That is what the Divine Feminine has taught me and proved to me time and time again, that there is a more sustainable way of living. Trust and lean into the calling of the spirit, that is your ticket back home to yourself.

Not long ago, we knew who we were before the world tried to tell us who we should be. Not long ago, we woke with the sun and bled with the full moon. Not long ago, we knew how to dance when our souls longed to. Not long ago, we weren’t tied down, stressed and overstimulated by to-do lists, deadlines, media outlets, politics and modern technologies keeping us from engaging with the basic pleasures that life has to offer.  


 When we learn to embody the aspects of the Divine Feminine, we begin to effortlessly shift into a way of living and being that feels much like authentic truth, cosmic support & creative flow. We naturally become less resistant and more receptive to what is meant for us while at the same time, less attached and more aware of the things that no longer serve us. By turning inward, slowing down, recognizing the interconnectedness of all living things and arriving at our conscious breath day in and day out, we ultimately take back our power and pay our respects to the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

You will feel the difference when you have come into alignment with Her. It is a subtle yet profound shift towards liberation, balance, connection, softness, consciousness, collaboration and presence. It is understanding nature as our greatest ally & resource available to us. It is opening yourself up to more pleasure that is your birthright. It is using authentic self-expression to create waves of change. It is not being overly critical of your body, your experiences or anyone else's for that matter. It is not the overstimulated, fast-paced, materialistic, unhealthy and disconnected world we live in today. It is listening to the call & awakening to our innate wisdom so we can better understand and honor every part of ourselves and our journey in hopes of making this world a better place for our children and our environment for future generations to come. 


To learn how to tape into the divine feminine, we list five simple rituals to incorporate into your every day routine.



5 Rituals to Help You Embody the Divine Feminine

  1. Non-Linear Movement: Move freely in the ways your body longs to move. Turn on your favorite song, light some incense and just explore how your body feels when you dance in your own unique way.

  2. Breath & Stillness: Devote time to be still and to create intentional awareness for every inhale and exhale. Rest allows us to refill our inner well to be our best selves.

  3. Pleasure: Using your five innate senses, take in basic pleasures through touch, sight, taste, sound and scent.

  4. Nature: Get outside and experience the elements & beauty that nature has to offer.

  5. Technology Fast: Give yourself permission to take a fast from your technology or media devices. Notice how you feel when you have less stimulation and noise and more time to tune inward and be present in the moment.

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