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In the midst of what’s felt like an eternity-long pandemic, America finds itself at the foot of yet another ethical crossroads—one that has quite honestly always been a part of the imbalance and systemic racism within this country, but somehow placed in the dark corners of the room as it now comes into the light. After the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breyona Taylor, Eric Garner, and hundreds more innocent Black men and women killed due to police brutality, Americans have had enough, and are coming together to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

At FLARE, we believe that it’s important to not only educate ourselves about racism and prejudices, but to also support those who have been affected by a culture of systemic racism, both monetarily and emotionally. We recognize that this isn’t a band-aid or a quick fix to end a significantly deep-rooted issue of inequality and racism, but it’s a place to start. It’s a place to lay roots and to grow from.


Here, we list ten Black-owned fashion and beauty businesses to support while working towards a more equal America, one conversation and action at a time.



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